KRFC Blues Ltd Board Meeting 25th October 2021

Present – D Foster, D Harper, G Letham, I Gray, S Oliver, B Berry, A Smyth, C Falconer,

Apologies for absence – A Oliver, C-A Downs, S-J Lawson, D Burns,
Approval of minutes – September minutes approved by GL & AS
Matters arising from them – Date set for Colts progression meeting needs confirmed DF
Mental health support for members – DF & AS met to discuss progress. AS has made contact with a clinical psychologist from CALMS.
First aid training for club personnel through SRU potentially in December 21.
Raffle licence still to be confirmed and issued – DH
Xero training personnel to be confirmed and training commenced asap – DF
Complimentary tickets for mascot parents in place.
Match day coordinator – still to be identified. Gate cover appears to be in place.
A Lees will help coordinate funding applications. These will go through the bard in the first instance via DH then to subgroup. Mark Duckett’s mother may be able to assist here.
Conflicts of Interest – none to note
Child Protection Officer – no report. A Brunton indicated there were no issues to report.
Financial Report – None – DB absent
Administration / Membership – DH (with DB) attended the National 2/3 forum meeting on 13th October.
DH & DF met with Mark Dobson (SRU) on 15th October regarding the SCIP’s funding scheme to ensure the club was up to date with requirements to achieve the funds. One of the essentials was the need for all club coaches to complete Rugby Right 2021-22. DH indicated that all the necessary information was available to those in charge of coaching within the club through SCRUMS and this needed urgent follow up. Examination of these list also highlighted the poor number of level 2 qualified coaches in the club and the complete absence of any level 3 coaches.
The governance issues within the SRU (SCOGS) was also pointed out by DH and whilst it was onerous a good response was essential DH.
DH has written to all the clubs involved in Kirkcaldy home league games with a listed 14.00 KO time to get agreement to move to 15.00. Gordonians have agreed and still awaiting Falkirk, Whitecraigs and Hamilton.
DH emphasised the need to move on revision of Articles as the present director roles were in some cases irrelevant.
Membership fees continue to come in and funds are all transferred to main club account from PayPal. Verification of Sponsored Players required. The low level of paid up players was again highlighted. This needs urgent attention and all managers will be given lists of those players who are neither paid up nor insured.
Rugby Report – Youth report attached. More parent helpers are urgently required. The Colts have only 8 regular player which is a major concern. The 15/16 group is stronger but this effect will take time. An approach will be made to Glenrothes by SO to discuss a joint approach to 18’2 rugby.
No others available.
The league position of the 1st XV was discussed. The injury list is not helping matters with many key players unavailable. The need for game day physio cover was again highlighted. All home games and some away have medical cover which is good but physio in addition would be better. This will be looked at again urgently thought to date identifying a replacement for Corrie has been very difficult.
The utilisation of bus provision was discussed. Again a small number used the available bus with virtually no supporter use. It was pointed out that this was a recurring problem with many players needing to get home quicker than a bus provided. Some encouragement for supporter use was mentioned.
Sponsorship, Grants, Programme. – Fitness Pacific will have a group Christmas lunch.
R Young (Cairns) who sponsor the academy will also take a sponsor package lunch.
The Past Player Day was a success with 48 attendees (bar £2K+) It was agreed that more Lady past players should be involved.
Arrangements for the 150th anniversary of the club should be put in progress.
38 tiles have been sold so far and the addition of plaques for the stand stairs were approved.
Changing Lives – meeting on 15th November
Property – Groundkeepers report attached. Verti-draining will be needed again.
No need for full club meeting yet regarding the improvement proposals until Changing Lives have made business plan available.
Covid-19 matters – most issues being dealt with but lack of mask wearing withing clubhouse is a concern for the coordinators.
AOCB – Code of Conduct update attached. GL spoke to it and made it clear it would be ready for next AGM for approval. Many of the changes were simplification and editing.
An email from Owen Bonner on behalf of some players was discussed. The player welfare issue (lack of game day physio) is in hand though a tidy solution is still not available. The issue over dress shirts for after match – SO will check availability of long sleeve light blue shirts and these will be made available though those who chose to wear the darker blue shirt will be acceptable. The issue of non-paying players has been addressed.
SO looked to have the Nominations Committee set up again. DF will chair this along with AS & GL.
Date of Next Meeting – Monday 29th November 2021 at 7.00pm

Minutes of KRFC Blues Ltd Board meeting 27th September 2021

Apologies for absence – C Falconer,  S-J Lawson. , I Gray, S Oliver, B Berry, D Burns,

Present – D Foster, D Harper, A Smyth, A Oliver, G Letham, C-A Downs (by Zoom),

A Brunton (for CPO report)
Minutes – July 21 – C-AD & GL,      August 21 – AO & AS

Matters Arising – AB questioned the August DoR report where U-18’s were involved in senior training as there could be a safety issue.GL emphasised the need to develop this group of players to ready them for the step up to senior rugby. This months DoR report answers this to an extent. C-AD to organise meeting re the Colts progression. DF then went over points raised in the August CPO report. There were no distinct CPO issues which was welcomed. The letter to SRU / HRH was discussed. The club had done all that was asked by the SRU. AB emphasised the need to strengthen links to the youth sections. DF stressed that channels were open especially via AO who was the conduit for any problems. C-AD thought that more feedback could help and whilst this was welcomed DF pointed out that a survey was coming soon regarding the Changing Lives operation. Many of th bard still have to complete the safeguarding training which will help inform opinion when club Child Protection protocols are addressed. AS offered to assist AB with these matters. Mental health issues were discussed – S-JL has published helplines on the web site and DF & AS will take this important matter forward. SRU first aid training to be made available especially to all coaches C-AD. A raffle licence is required and DH is to apply for one.

Conflicts of Interest – none

C.P.O. – report attached. There are a lot of coaches available but PVG’s are very slow. The Waid incident is now closed. All necessary moves have now been completed. As an adjunct it was decided that all involved in the playing side should sign up to the Code of Conduct . There should be no young players playing out with their respective age groups. This need clarification.

Financial Report – report attached. It was again emphasised that Xero training was imperative but those to be trained had yet to be identified.

Admin / Membership – the club had no representation at the SRU AGM yesterday. The first SCIP deadline had been met by DH sending the required governance documents to the SRU which had been positively acknowledged. The SCOG’s working party report on the SRU governance is a live issue and will stay on the agenda.

Rugby – reports attached. The physiotherapy situation is critical. There is cover for Tuesday and Thursday nights (Jack Pow) but nothing for a Wednesday and match days. Sports therapist was agreed for the Wednesday cover and weekend coverage was of prime importance. The first aid bag for Dr Brown will be replaced DH. The DO and ADO – Danny and Sam are up and running with good reports for both. They both have contracts out for signing AO. Mini numbers remain healthy.

Sponsorship / Grants / Programme – reports attached. Balls to be purchased and signed as gifts for the mascots. DF. Complimentary tickets will be made available for parents of the mascots to avoid any future confusion. DH. A match day coordinator is needed DF.

Changing Lives – DF and NP met with J Moffat and Simon Turner. Areas of deprivation were identified. They want to do a 90-minute presentation to the board. This will all lead to a business plan for future use. The DO and ADO along with NP (clubhouse development) will also be invited.

Property – the provision of another washing machine was agreed DH to Alison. The purchase of some table items was also passed as these were needed to assist in function quality. The Adapt and Thrive monies will have to be disbursed by late summer 2022.

OSCR – nothing to report.

Covid 19 – another 6 cases reported, all logged to SRU.

AOCB – I Young was appointed as Disciplinary Officer. His was the only application and it was agreed it was exemplary. The debate about the tenure of the secretary along with the advocates letter was again clarified by DF. It was again emphasised that the Articles were to be examined but to leave rules which would mean the removal of key positions without adequate coverage was detrimental to the club and should be borne in mind when the new articles are drawn up. Succession planning is far more important.  DF and AO to discuss the CG exit interview, with a general view that we need to remain forward looking.
Licensing extension being worked on - meeting in December and DF meeting Sally and Arthur next week to prep the paperwork.
Alec Lees was approached and would be keen to take up position where he collated any possible funding links, evaluated potential for the club and completed the applications, initially with prior Board approval to ensure accuracy. This would be across the club. Board responded positively, so DF to make contact again and try to finalise this vital role. 
Date of Next Meeting – Monday 25th October 2021 at 7.00pm in the clubhouse.    

August 2021 Board Minutes

KRFC BLUES Ltd– SC548383
MONDAY 30th August 2021
7.00pm in the Clubhouse

Apologies for absence – C Falconer, G Letham, C-A Downs, S-J Lawson

Present – D Foster, D Harper, A Smyth, I Gray,D Burns, A Oliver, S Oliver, B Berry

Minutes – carried over to next meeting.

Matters Arising – there was a question as to when C-AD left the meeting as it was then non-quorate. It was confirmed it was later in the meeting and DH said he would investigate whether or not this did indeed render the rest of the meeting invalid. DF had a meeting with R Melville (Haines Watt) with regard to Xero training and its resumption.Important in that OSCR will demand upgrade in accounts reporting. The question arose as to who would be trained as DH and DB would have to stand down at the next AGM under the present Articles of Association (unless amended). There vision of these in underway. The possibility of an employed bookkeeper was mentioned. The video package should be delivered within the next 2-3 weeks.Raffle licence needed? DH

Conflicts of Interest – none

C.P.O. – A fairly long report was received shortly before the meeting so there was no time for the board to read and comment. It did state however that there were no issues. AB did ask several other questions which will have to be addressed at next meeting.

Financial Report – report attached

Admin / Membership – The SRU AGM will now take place on a face to face basis at Murrayfield on Sunday 26th September. The SCOG consultation paper was briefly discussed. DH indicated that this was complex but very important that a response went in from the club. Most other clubs had indicated their approval of the governance changes. The SCIPS acceptance form had been submitted by DH to ensure further funding from theSRU. Assurances had been given that all the criteria could be easily met and assistance would be available. DH had attended the national 2/3 forum meeting and gave a short report.

Rugby – DoR report attached. Ladies report attached. Youth report attached. DH asked to check cost of further insurance cover for players who cannot work due to rugby injury. Progress has been made on sponsorship for girl’s kit. There have been 6applications for DO post 3 of whom can be disregarded. None for ADO post.Interview panel required to take forward the DO post. If nothing comes from this the post will be re advertised. The panel will be W Thomson (BHS), A Oliver and D Foster (if deemed necessary)

Sponsorship / Grants / Programme – reports attached. M Gray & A Aberdein are standing down as Ladies Lunch organisers – a job they have done for some 20 years. The board gave their thanks to them both for their efforts. Replacements will have to be found. The programme is being finalised with the Sign Company IG & J Methven.

Changing Lives – nothing to report

Property – the washing machine if faulty and needs replaced.

AOCB – the manning of the gates for home games – Zingari ll to be approached. Mascots – Louise van Rensberg is taking on this duty. M Oliver will organise ball boys. Agreement from opposition league clubs will have to be obtained for the use of the floodlights allowing 3.00pm kicks offs – DH. The 150th celebrations need to be prepared for and a subcommittee should be set up.

The letter from C George regarding his resignation was received and will need to be discussed at a future meeting.

DF & SO met with representatives from Raith Rovers. The are looking to use the club facilities more and it was agreed this was a good idea for m the point of view of building up relationship with them especially since we would be looking for support in the near future regarding the clubhouse enhancement.

FFP are running an article prior to the first home league game in the form of an interview with the clubPresident and a photo.

The subject of the Code ofConduct review was brought up. The appointed group are working on this and the intervention of SO was questioned by the chair.

Date of Next Meeting – 27th September 2021 at 7.00pm in the clubhouse.

Director of Rugby Report August 2021

Numbers for training have seen a slight increase since the warm up games day, but with that we’ve had a around 10 covid cases in total which has hampered putting out our strongest side. Speaking to other sides and they all seem to be in a similar position.

From the last 4 years we have had very little players progress from our colts side, why is this the case. We need to start involving them before they are of age to move up thus keeping them engaged with the club.

We are proactively speaking with St Andrews Uni to try get some of their players down when available , but nothing is guaranteed.

We are dangerously short in the front Row positions which was said at the start of the year, I think that without 1 or 2 more players at a minimum we will struggle to field both sides and with an inexperienced front row at 1st level its going to be a slog

I would ask as a Board what are you expecting results wise from the seniors ? If you want us to compete at this level, then financial support in the player front is the only way we will be able to. If you are happy for us to struggle through then so be it, but I’m saying now once again without support I very much doubt we’ll be playing this level next season.

Youth/Wee Blues Report - for Board Meeting on 30/8/2021

This month the Youth Section was sad to see the departure of Corgi from the development officer role. Our thanks got to for him for his work in the role over the last 3 years. He was well respected by both the youth players, teachers, partners and club members and has made a huge impact on all our young people.

Over the time he was in the role, alongside Logan in recent times, he transformed the DO role and there was a significant increase in playing numbers across the youth section with the majority of players coming from Balwearie HS and specifically the SoR. There has been an increase in the number of female youth players by over 600%.

Logan has also left his post and thanks also go to him for all his hard work. He would regularly go over and above his contracted10hrs a week and was well-liked by his players, pupils and staff alike.

The posts were advertised on 16th August with a closing date on 30th August. At the time of writing this report the response has been poor but hopefully there will be a last minute rush.

Chris Barr, head of PE at Balwearie is aware of situation and we will ensure that the school are kept updated and involved in the recruitment process. Clearly the roles are more about exposing young people to rugby, with the aim of directing them to the club for more technical coaching. Simon Turner/Jamie Moffat of Changing Lives have also been contacted and have offered to assisting in anyway they can. They have had input into the DO job description.

With the DO and ADO positions vacant there will be no school of rugby within BHS for the time being and hopefully there won’t be too much of adrift away. Not all players involved in the SoR attend the club. I am told that Balwearie have paid £1000 to the club for the delivery of BRAG sessions and it was anticipated that the DO andADO would deliver these. If the club cannot deliver the BRAG sessions then the school will need to be refunded.

Training has recommenced with all youths and numbers are slowlyincreasing across the age groups, as often happens during the school holidays.

Although we had hoped possibly to go up to 5 youth boys teams, this now looks some way off. We have about 22/23 boys in each of the 13/14 and 15/16, with 6 or 7 from each group having dropped away from the squads for various reasons. Kathryn has been busy organising games etc.

The initial games have been released up to Christmas - with the club in the same groups as Montrose, Carnoustie, Glenrothes, Kinross, RossSutherland, Strathmore, Orkney/Caithness, Kelpies, Angus and Stirling County development.

The girls have had a very successful first festival in Stirling and put teams out at U12/U14/U16 and had some girls in a combined U18 team which was a great achievement. The girls are actively looking for additional coaches now.

Colin, Stuart and I have been working away at getting sponsors for the girls teams. We have secured £1700 at the moment, with a bit to go. This will secure strips for the 14s and 16s and supply shorts to the girls 18s.

The Wee Blues have started back but have only managed one session at the park due to park closures with events. The first session was well attended and again numbers generally pick up as schools return. They are taking113 children to Glenrothes for the first game of the season. Louise has made a great start with organisation.

The recent community open day was a huge success with with approximately 200 people in attendance.It saw a good representation from youths/wee blues and it was great to see some senior men and ladies attending the event and joining in with the youths/wee blues. The event was positive and very well received. Some sponsors came along too and seemed to enjoy the day.

At the open day there was a lot of interest from people wanting to attend the wee blues and attracted two new coaches to help the youth boys. Andy is currently sorting out PVGs. The event also raised funds for the club, all boys and girls youth teams and the ladies team. The ladies also received a number of PSL t-shirts from the day. The full details of this will be forwarded once the report is submitted to the SRU.

Ladies Report

Training continues to run on a Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm. Dave McKervial has returned to training after a short break and preparations for the season has started.


September 19th – Dunfermline (A)
Oct 3rd – Liberton (H)
Oct 10th – Livingston (A)
Oct 24th – Dundee (H)
Oct 31st – RDVC (A)
Nov 21st – Strathmore (H)
Nov 28th – Lismore (A)

Ideally we will have a preseason friendly a few weeks prior to the start of the season.The planning for this is still taking place. Unfortunately, due to low numbers we have had to turn down a few offers.


Numbers are still a challenge within the team. Social events are now taking place and we hope this can drum up some interest as well as continual promotion on social media and word of mouth.

July 2021 Board Minutes

KRFC BLUES Ltd– SC548383
7.00pm in the Clubhouse

Apologies for absence – A Oliver, S Oliver, I Gray, D Burns, B Berry, A Smyth, S Lawson, C Falconer

Present – D Foster, D Harper, C-A Downs, G Letham (quorate at 4 directors present)

Minutes – approved by GL & C-A D

Matters Arising – CPO proposals received –these will be taken forward after safeguarding training on 2-8-21. The YouthNewsletter needs minor alteration re youth attendance at board meetings DF. The recent rugby camp appears to have been successful – accounts for this to be sent to DB. DH can then inform parents who queried payment system as to outcome. CCTV – DF and CF have been dealing with A Murray. ICO certificate inplace and all other data matters will be dealt with accordingly to keep the system in line with all regulations. The appeal from SO – matter closed and report findings accepted.

Conflicts of Interest – none

C.P.O. – A Brunton indicated there was nothing to report.

Financial Report – attached – DH to contact R Melville (Haines Watt) to resurrect Xero training.

Admin / Membership – the 2-month leeway for membership payments late in the season were discussed. It was agreed to leave this as it stands.

Rugby – no DoR report. The VEO World video package for match day analysis was discussed at length. It was agreed to go ahead with this along with software package. C-AD to action this along with input fromDF. Contract required for Jack Pow, the new physio. The women’s team are very short of players as are the senior men. Recruitment may be difficult but is essential, especially front rowers. AO in the process of drawing up KPI’s for DO and ADO.

Sponsorship / Grants / Programme - J Methven has agreed to continue with programme production for another season – this was welcomed by the board. The women’s team is in need for a main sponsor.

Changing Lives – more progress as they report back at end of August.

Property – DF, DHand N Pillans met with N Hanvey (MP) on 26-7-21 to discuss the proposals to develop the clubhouse and changing facilities. This was extremely productive.

AOCB – GL raised the issue of respectful language between all board members. All agreed this was essential if there is to be real progress within the board.

Strips for the girls teams – AO liaising with the relevant coaches to find a solution including finding appropriate sponsorship.

GL asked about the possibility of paying for secretarial work. DH explained that this had been tried before with, at times, very poor results. The appointment of a Disciplinary Officer was discussed. It was agreed that the proposal was a good one but the person taking on the role was difficult. A job description was essential so that it could be advertised on the website. DF

Articles of Association – AO to be asked to join existing group with a view to get this matter sorted out asap.

The risk assessment for the whole club prepared by SO was accepted.

Redacted minutes will be published on the website.

The group to redraw the Code ofConduct was discussed. DF suggested C Whyte, GL and I Young. This was accepted.

A review of recent events is essential. The chair will have to be completely independent and preferably be from out with the club.

The club needs a group to oversee all fundraising. Player representation needed – DF & C-AD

SRU Update – the “HRH Letter” –the SRU response is of very little use but it is all we are likely to get. This response should be fed back to the authors of the letter – AO

Raffle – DF to confirm with Aine

The Discipline case request fromSO will be dealt with by the new Disciplinary Officer set up.

The Open Day on 8th August was discussed though no one present knew anything about it. It was agreed that this sort of information should be communicated to all directors incase of any conflict. It turns out the golf club are using part of the park adjacent to the pitches that day but there should be no problem.

Date of Next Meeting– 30 August 2021 at 7.00pm in the clubhouse.

June Board Minutes

KRFC Blues LtdBoard Meeting Venue – The Clubhouse

Sunday 6th June 2021 – 7.30pm

Present – D Foster, D Harper, C Falconer, A Smyth, B Berry, C-A Downs, A Oliver, S Oliver, G Letham, S Lawson.

Apologies – D Burns, I Gray.

DF, President gave a formal welcome to all and emphasised his positive attitude towards the future.Condolences were offered to D Burns on his loss.

Round table introductions took place.

The main function of the first meeting of the new board is to designate directorial roles. It was agreed that although they were in need of review, the current Articles of Association should be followed. Roles / titles can be re-designated when the Articles area mended.

Finance and Facilities Director.

Don Burns - Proposed DH, seconded by CF. no other nominations.


D Harper – proposed by DF, seconded by GL. No other nominations. It was agreed that these two roles are the main functionaries of the club and transition should be organised to allow safe and proper succession. The finance subcommittee should be reconstituted asap and BB offered his help with secretarial succession. The current Articles indicate that DB and DH would have to step down at the next AGM. Advocate opinion indicated a step down for both at 24 Oct 21 though this was only one opinion and was not accepted verbatim.

Director of Rugby

The senior players and coaches have agreed Greg Wallace as DoR. There as some discussion as to the possibility of splitting this role with C George, the DO. It was pointed out that this role was a full one with a new Assistant to alleviate the workload. The DO had also stepped away from all voluntary work due to this workload.

Again, under the Articles the post of Director for Rugby Development has to be designated. C-AD offered to stand for this post and oversee the DoR, the Youth Convenor and the Wee Blues Convenor. The Women’s side would also be overseen by this director. A Oliver was appointed to Youth Section Director.

K Penman will continue as YouthConvenor and K Bell as Wee Blues convenor.

Fundraising, Sponsorship, marketing and Communications Director.

This is obviously far too big a remit for one director. The working group on the Articles revision will have to address this. The communication role within this brief will be taken by S Lawson. This was agreed unanimously. The fundraising and marketing will be allocated to CF and IG. M Fraser was mentioned when it came to the larger fundraising associated with the new clubhouse development.

Communities Director

S Oliver offered to stand fort his post with assistance from A Smyth.

Club reopening.

It was acknowledged that the club should be reopened as soon as it was both practical and economical. That said there was some debate as to the demand for this. DH and SL to perform some sort of survey as soon as possible to measure the demand.

Articles of Association

Work has been done to date by I Young, S McKenzie and AS. It was agreed that this work should stand and DH to circulate resulting docs to date.

DF gave a brief resume of his contact with SRU regarding the letter sent by the youth side to SRU etc.

Date of next meeting – Monday 28th June 21 at 7.00pm – clubhouse.

Child Protection Policy
SRU Code of Conduct