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Getting a child into Rugby from an early age helps them develop essential social skills many children miss out on. The new tech age is upon us and everywhere you look you see a child holding a mobile, The Kirkcaldy Rugby Football Club family would rather they were holding a rugby ball.

Not only is Rugby a great chance for kids to make new friends, but it's also amazing for their fitness levels. At youth level we run teams at U13/14 boys, U14 girls, U15/16 boys and U16 girls. Our teams play in local festivals and most recently played in the Gallant conference.

The youth teams all show how rugby has a significant impact on young peoples lives. Children learn valuable life-skills and Kirkcaldy Rugby Club are committed to the development of leadership, enjoyment, achievement, engagement and respect.

Expanding the school and youth game is integral to increasing player numbers at all levels. We focus on encouraging more children to take up rugby and continue to play through their teenage years and beyond.

Kirkcaldy Rugby Football Club is not just about the players. It's about every single person who supports, volunteers their time and/or money to ensure the clubs future success. It's about our children, our parents, our friends, the ex players, all the loving grandparents and general lovers of Rugby. Kirkcaldy Rugby Club is everyones Club.


Youth Convenor: Kathryn Rae
U15/16 Boys Managers: Lee Herd and Cara Montgomery
U15/16 Boys Coaches: Kawe Enoka and Steve Montgomery
U13/14 Boys Manager: Cheryl Meikle
U13/14 Boys Coach: Garry Ritchie and Andy Brown
U16 Girls Coach: Mhairi Hay
U14 Girls Coach: Cassie McMahon


Training for the boys youth section takes place on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6.30-8pm at the KRFC pitch in the Beveridge Park.

Training for the girls youth section takes place on a Wednesday night from 5.30-7.30pm at the KRFC pitch in the Beveridge Park.


The Kirkcaldy Youths welcome any teenager eager to learn to play rugby and have fun! Starting off in fun rugby themed activities, through touch rugby, tackling and into games. A gradual build up through the ages of all rugby related skills. For details of upcoming fun days, visit our News and Events page

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Parents Name - Age of Child - How Long they've been playing

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